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Baby Boomers & Generation X is so yesterday. Millennials are next!

I came across this very well put together video a little while ago. It is about the generation that is moving into power as you read this: Generation We.

In 2015 in America (I believe the U.S. that is) 74 Million people are considered to be part of the population group Baby Boomers. They have been born between 1946 – 1964. This group is followed by the Generation X which incorporated all those born between 1965 and 1977. In the eBook “Generation We” by Eric Greenberg with Karl Weber the Generation X group is considered “… a politically and socially conservative cohort that has struggled to define itself against the vast and dominant Boomer group it followed.” I this makes me part of this group. I never considered myself to struggle with my place in society nor feeling suppressed by my parents generation.. However, the new Generation are the Millennials born between the years 1978 till 2000. What this generation has to deal with and what their opportunities are is shown in the video below.

Eric Greenberg is using the online social networking to promote the Millennials as the  Gen(eration) We and to activate members of this section of the population. This generation will be more diverse than any other before (White 63%, Hispanic 18%, Black 14%, Asian 5%).Their education is good and who would have guessed that, they will are also the most wired ones. Interested in more about Gen We? Take a look in to the above mentioned eBook.

All these facts and predictions are of interest when we take a look into online learning and the ease this generation is using technology in the educational field. Generation X needs to shape up to find the right ways to cater towards the next generations needs. a simple PowerPoint presentation based in a flash widget and maybe some underlying sound does not seem to be enough anymore. More so the opportunity for learners to interact with each other and the content itself while learning. Rearranging content while discussing and arguing for the right solution seems more the way to get cognitively involved than simply absorb some fixed and inflexible content.


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Most inspiring bits and bytes

There are a few great speeches and other moving pictures available on various video website. I gathered some of them here that came to mind and that I personally like the most. The order in this post is random since I think all of them are pretty great.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Paul Potts sings Opera ( Britain’s got talent )

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

The Free Hugs Campaign

Benjamin Zander on music and passion

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Feel free to post your most inspiring video!

UPDATE: Over night, while I was laying awake in my bed, I thought about a presentation my cousin sent me a little while ago. This one will fit perfectly into this post as an addition to inspiring website, not video and moving pictures necessarily. ChangeThis.com is a website whose goal it is “…to challenge the way ideas are created and spread.” The presentation I received and found very much worth reading is about “A Positive Attitude” from Dan Auito. Who honestly couldn’t use a little reminder every now and then 😉

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