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Live online learning – free eBook

Live Online Learning – a facilitators guideWhile doing research on an earlier piece I came across this free eBook on this facilitator’s guide to live online learning. To be able to download your free copy you have sign up and confirm your email address for an occasional newsletter.

Here is what’s in for you:

  • Whys and wherefores
  • Planning your session
  • Communicating with voice and live video
  • Communicating using images and text
  • Sharing resources
  • Building in interactivity
  • Building up to the session
  • Facilitating the session
  • Following up

You can sign up and download the eBook by clicking here.


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Networking for Opportunities

Cover of eBook by Steve WoodruffSteve Woodruff published a free available eBook that will give you some instructions on how to network in the age of web 2.0. The eBook with the title “Build Your Own Opportunity Network” is for beginners in this area and will guide you through what is available out there and how much time it will cost you to participate and network.

If you struggle to find out what your brand is you will find at the end of his eBook six question and an elaboration upfront that might help you along the way to figure this out.

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