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Is it time to change?

I haven’t been posting anything to this blog for over a year and three month. I think it is time for a change and get back on track and start blogging again what I am passionate about. Leaves the question, what is it that I am passionate about and want to blog about? Here is a list of things I want to post about in my blog:

  • eLearning (which ever version applies these days, I believe it is 2.0 right now)
  • cognitive psychology (cognitive and learning styles / types)
  • neuropsychology
  • educational technology
  • whatever else is of interest to me…

To manifest the state of change here at my blog I updated the theme today. I chose a clear and simple design since this is the way webdesign and its usability is heading towards in my opinion.



Thanks for the feedback and take a look around. Iy you like what to see subscripe to my RSS feed to stay up to date.

UPDATE: Apperently the first post had a little glitch. I couldn’t get rid of the letter ‘n’ in front of the poll I wanted to be displyed within the post using Democracy AJAX Poll verison 2.1. After trying for alomst 3 hours to find an answer to my problem. I canned the plugin and now I am happy to use WP-Polls verison 2.40 from Lester Chan. The downsite I haven’t figured out how to display a poll within a post. If you have an answer please leave a comment right here or send an email to webmaster@dstaemmler.info.


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Why Readers Unsubscribe from your Blog

This is a quick post about an entry I stumbled up on at problogger that refers to 34 resons why readers unsubscribe from your blog. Number one on the list are too many posts followed by infrequent postings. Make sure to check out the comments on this posting if you visit this posting.

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Rating System installed

Today I finally managed to install a post rating system (programed by GaMerZ) which allows the reader of this blog to leave a feedback on the entries that are available here. At the bottom of every entry are five stars, either gray with the text ‘No Ratings Yet’ or some stars are yellow with the text indicating how many ratings have been made and what the average is. For those of you who are familiar with Netflix and Amazon, where you can rate your movies, books, etc. with the same star system.

When some ratings have been made I will post a Top 10 list of the most and highest rated posts. So please keep rate a couple of my posts if you feel like it.

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More Trends and Predictions

I know, I know, there are a lot of trends and predictions being published and released right now. After all it is this time of the year to reflect on what happened and to predict what might be.

However, I just received the wwwtools for education newsletter with a nice assembly of “Trends from 2006, Projections for 2007… and Beyond“. Graeme Daniel put a nice list of notes and trends in education together. He split these different areas up into the following categories:

  • Highlights: Technology in education, 2006,
  • Technology 2006,
  • Forecast for Technology, 2007,
  • At the hardware trade shows,
  • The iPhone – Rising Star of Macworld?
  • More mobile and wireless trends,
  • Converging technologies: Computers, TV, Video and Net,
  • A mixed bag (e.g. Web 2.0, Nanotechnology),
  • Just for fun, and
  • Books.

Enjoy once again the trends of 2006 and predictions for 2007. If you want to sign up for the wwwtools for education newsletter you can do so by clicking here.

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The 2006 Edublog Awards

Once again the Edublog Awards are out. Winners have been named in the following categories “Best Audio and/or Visual Blog”, “Best Group Blog”, “Best Individual Blog”, “Most Influential Post, Resource or Presentation”, “Best Library/ Librarian Blog”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Research Paper”, “Best Teacher Blog”, “Best Undergraduate Blog”, “Best Wiki” and “Edublog Star Award”.

For those who want to listen to the ceramony there is a recording and transcript of it available at EdTechTalk.com.

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