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Thanks for stopping by! I am Daniel Staemmler and live in the German Capital Berlin. My interest in eLearning, education, technology and health is a combination from my studies in Public Health and the use of cognitive styles in interactive virtual leanring environments.

For those of you who are interested, I acquired my Diploma of Public Health in November 2001 at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany. While in Hamburg, I focused on the evaluation of interactive online learning environments. I successfully defended my dissertation on “Individual differences in learning with interactive hypermedia systems. The significance of cognitive learning styles” in December 2005 (abstract available). During my time at the University of Applied Sciences and University of Hamburg, I was involved in various research projects as a scientific researcher.

I worked as Manager of Research and Internet Services at Shanti’s L.I.F.E. Institute in San Francisco, California. I was involved in the development of on- and offline adult education, research instruments, evaluation, and research in the L.I.F.E. Program (Learning Immune Function Enhancement), a program based on psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI).

Back in Germany and the city of Hamburg I worked as Product Manager for a startup company named scoyo GmbH. Scoyo works on production of inteactive and entertaining online learning content for school children. I managed and developed the instructional design and creation of 125 hrs math online learning content and an award-winning 3D history learning game for middle school students. Coordinated projects within budget, quality, and time frame in collaboration with production teams residing in India and the United Kingdom. Established and managed internal and external instructional design evaluation in collaboration with subject matter experts across all school subjects. And last but not least represented scoyo at conventions, road shows, and panel discussions.

After moving to Berlin at the beginning of 2010 I now work at the German Institute for Continuing Education of Technologists and  Analysts in Medicine as Director of Curriculum Management.

For more information about my person feel free to visit one of my profiles at Xing or Linkedin.com. Also feel free to contact me via email using the following address dstaemmler@gmail.com.



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