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Is it time to change?

I haven’t been posting anything to this blog for over a year and three month. I think it is time for a change and get back on track and start blogging again what I am passionate about. Leaves the question, what is it that I am passionate about and want to blog about? Here is a list of things I want to post about in my blog:

  • eLearning (which ever version applies these days, I believe it is 2.0 right now)
  • cognitive psychology (cognitive and learning styles / types)
  • neuropsychology
  • educational technology
  • whatever else is of interest to me…

To manifest the state of change here at my blog I updated the theme today. I chose a clear and simple design since this is the way webdesign and its usability is heading towards in my opinion.



Thanks for the feedback and take a look around. Iy you like what to see subscripe to my RSS feed to stay up to date.

UPDATE: Apperently the first post had a little glitch. I couldn’t get rid of the letter ‘n’ in front of the poll I wanted to be displyed within the post using Democracy AJAX Poll verison 2.1. After trying for alomst 3 hours to find an answer to my problem. I canned the plugin and now I am happy to use WP-Polls verison 2.40 from Lester Chan. The downsite I haven’t figured out how to display a poll within a post. If you have an answer please leave a comment right here or send an email to webmaster@dstaemmler.info.


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