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Guide on DRM free Music Online

This subject is a little off topic from this blog but I personally like music and are interested in the subject of DRM. So here we go…

TechCrunch just published an article about Digital Right Management free music available online. All those music lovers out there who want to pay once and have the freedom to use the purchased songs the way they want this article is a good place to start.

Besides DRM free music there are a whole bunch of music blogs out there that make it easy to fill up your music collection with mash ups and other DJ mixes. In addition podcasts are a great way to check out new music or keep track of the latest tracks and developments that are out there.
Here is a list of sited that I visit every now and than to find some new music:

Please feel free to add your favorite music site that offers free and legal downloads of songs, mixes and/or mash-ups.


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2 Responses

  1. Max says:

    Mashuptown is a really great place to check out mashups or http://www.bootiesf.com. Another good DRM-free site is new kid on the mp3 block, http://www.mTraks.com They’ve got close to a million songs, free profiles you can start up and they don’t make you sign up for a subscription to sample songs (but if you do, they only charge you as little as 27 cents a song).

  2. Lars says:

    dope that you mentioned http://deephousepage.com. true heaven for any house music fan or those who still have to become one. I’d like to add my own site http://www.deepershades.net where I host my weekly radio show which airs on XM Radio as a podcast as well as free downloads of DJ-Mixes and soon new releases of mine. Hope you don’t mind that little bit of self promotion 🙂

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