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February/March Issue of Innovate

The journal of online education innovate is bimonthly publishes by the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University. The February/March issue includes “… articles that address online assessment and effective course design, the value of e-portfolios as dynamic records of academic and professional development, and the creative use of synchronous communication tools for online tutorials“.

Among the published articles is a review (registration required – free) from Stephen Downes about the OpenCourseWare Consortium. It seems like that he recently spends some time in comparing online offerings from educational organizations and institutions (see an earlies post at this blog). However, even though Stephen Downes has some criticism about the site design and the navigation he concludes that “the OpenCourseWare Consortium site is useful because it describes an important initiative that is developing rapidly, but an air of exclusivity permeates the site“. At the end of his review stands the apeall that knowledge doesn’t belong to the universities, it belongs to all of us and therefor should be made openly accessible “… to society as a whole“.


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