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Search the Web beyond Google

Usually I search the Internet with Google and tend to forget that there are other search engines out there that might return better results as Google does. Don’t get me wrong, I personally belief that Google is a great search engine that uses a very good (and very secret) algorithm to return an answer to a request. But there are a lot more search engines out there that do a good job and might be more specific for what you’re looking for. Charles Knight a search engine optimizer just publishes a list of 100 alternative search engines at Read/WriteWeb. Maybe you want to reconsider your personal search strategy after reviewing this comprehensive listing.

In addition to the top 100 alternative search engines there are many variations of search engines out there. For instance Alltheweb.com is owned by Yahoo and uses their database but represents the results differently. A good tool to compare search results from Google, MSN, and Yahoo is the search comparison toll from Dogpile. The nice thing about this tool is that the results are displayed in a graphic which illustrates pretty good how different search results can be when you fire up the above mentioned search engines.


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2 Responses

  1. zizu says:

    I prefer PLAHO Search Engine:


    Did you try or use them also?

  2. The above mentioned PLAHO search engine is a customized Google search and therefore not really an option to search the web beyond Google. On the website is stated, that “PLAHO project is a “Colorized” Google custom search portal designed in the spirit of Colour Therapy which uses colour to balance the Chakras of the body.”

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