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America's Learning Leaders in 2006

ELearning! Magazin winter 2007 coverBersin & Associates’ judges have made their choice in the Winter 2007 ELearning! Magazine and nominated companies that “… have demonstrated innovation and excellence in corporate learning“. The winners have been chosen in the following five categories:

  • Operational program excellence,
  • Leadership program excellence,
  • Technology excellence,
  • Organizational and management excellence, and
  • Initiative Excellence.

Each category starts with a description of the criterion on which the decision is based upon. Winners range from General Motors Corp., Philips Medical Systems, Bellevue University till Saks, Inc..

In the same issue (page 23) Elliott Masie lists 7 Trends and Features on Learning “… that will morph the training function“. Well, I guess it is time again for some prediction that can be revisited to see if someone was right or wrong in their prediction of the future.  However, Trend #2 (“Content becomes democratized”) isn’t really a NEW trend. Web 2.0 and the buzz about it is going on for quiet while now, and what is it all about? Right, among other things the creation of content on the web, e.g. Wikipedia.
Trend #7 is interesting: “Finding courses will be more important than creating courses”. I personally belief that the fulfillment of this trend lies not in the near future, if taken into consideration that we are talking about qualitative courses here that allow the learner to participate on a outcome based learning approach.


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